This is actually the only experience I’ve ever had with paranormal activity. Was on a big camping trip with friends at Suwannee River Music Park. Me and my sister had decided to go off and explore some trails around 11:00 at night. There was a trail connected to the one we were on, but there was yellow tape strung up between 2 trees at the entrance. We decided to go in anyways. About 15 steps into the trail we both hear clear as day, unmistakably our mothers ( who’s not on the trip ) voice say, ” Honey, why’s your nose bleeding? ” We turn around to see nothing, being kind of spooked we both started to head back to the main trail. About 2-3 minutes later my sister had a nose bleed that lasted like 20 seconds. Was some crazy shit. Nothing else ever really happened though so it’s just a bit bizarre

Posted by Carrie Dean

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