The Spectre of Newby Church

This legendary photo was taken in 1963 by Reverend K.F. Lord in a South Yorkshire church. He said he couldn’t see the figure when he took the picture, it only showed up after it was developed. Some speculate that it’s a 16th-century monk wearing a shroud to cover leprosy scars, but it also happens to be over nine feet tall.

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall of Norfork, England is said to be haunted by Lady Dorothy Walpole, the sister of Robert Walpole (who is considered to be the first Prime Minister of Great Britain) and wife of the violently tempered Charles Townshend. She died in 1726 of smallpox and was first sighted in 1835 during a Christmas celebration. She was wearing a dated brown dress and had empty eye sockets.

The Enfield Poltergeist

In the 1970s the Hodgson family believed they were haunted by a spirit named Bill, a previous owner of the house who had died there. Janet, one of the daughters, was filmed speaking in a deep voice as “Bill.” The sisters claimed “Bill” also flung them out of bed, and there were even photos of Janet levitating. The Enfield Poltergeist is the name given to claimed supernatural activity at 284 Green Street, a council house […]

Maybe a Time Warp, Maybe a Ghost?

On August 10th, 1901, two women visited the Palace of Versailles in France. While walking through the gardens, they got lost, and they claimed to suddenly feel unnatural,oppressed and dreary. They then said they started seeing a bunch of people in old-timey clothing, such as “very dignified officials,” a terrifying figure they refused to go near, even a woman they thought to be Marie Antoinette herself. They were convinced they had either gone through ha […]

Resurrection Mary

Legend has it that in the 1930s, Mary was having a lovely evening with her boyfriend at the Oh Henry Ballroom in Justice, Illinois when it was interrupted by a fight between the two. She stormed out and tried to walk home, but was hit and killed by a drunk driver on Archer Avenue. Ever since, several men have reported being stopped by a female hitchhiker in an old-timey white dress. She doesn’t say much, […]

The Bélmez Faces

Images like the one you see above began showing up on the concrete floor of the Pereira family home in Spain in 1971. As many times as the family tried to destroy them, they would always come back. Paranormal investigators think that the images are being “burned” into the concrete by the previous (and dead) owner, Maria Gómez Cámara.

An Invisible Presence

This happened about a week ago. My girlfriend and I were watching YouTube and going through the Logan Paul suicide forest video when I heard walking going down the hallway. I ignored this as I thought it could have been one of the cats. But soon after I heard something fall over in the room next to mine. I paused the video and listened. As I was sitting there I heard quiet walking go up […]