Jessica Chambers Murder & Trial

A man accused of dousing a 19-year-old former high school cheerleader with a flammable liquid, setting her ablaze and leaving her to die along a north Mississippi back road. Firefighters in Courtland, Miss., found Chambers beside her burning car on a remote road near a tree farm. Chambers was quickly taken to a Memphis hospital, about 60 miles to the north, with burns over 98 percent of her body. She died hours later. The mystery […]

Giant Skeleton

This picture is not so much unexplained. I mean, it’s obviously the skeleton/remains of a giant human, but it is kinda creepy!

Anneliese Michel

It’s hard to determine whether this girl’s story is real or fabricated. The story of Anneliese Michel involves her being possessed by six different demons with different voices and mannerisms. These photos were taken during her exorcism- a way to release the demons from her body. There is audio of the different demon’s voices that possessed Anneliese online if you’re brave enough to check it out.

Ghost In The Back Seat

A woman named Mabel took this picture of her husband as he waited in the car for her to return. The person in the back of the car was Mabel’s mother, whose grave she had just been visiting.

The Hanging Man

Ermm, are we the only ones who are noticing that hanging body in the background? Apparently that family to the right has no idea. Don’t even want to know what happened after this photo was taken.

Totally Not A Ghost Boy

Legendary Picture.. I’ve seen this one a lot but it’s still creepy