“Did You Hear The Screams”

“When my daughter was between the ages of 3-8 she spoke of people with no face or figures of shadows. She would often wake me up telling me there is a man or a figure standing in her closet. The most frightening of stories, she woke me up to ask me if I heard the screams. She said there was a shadow who stood at her doorway and screamed at her and then flew into […]

It Knows Who You Are

In one of the more disturbing stories in this list, Bessie Gilmore contacted a demon as a child while playing with a Ouija board. She believed that the entity became attached to her family after her two sisters were paralyzed and killed. Years later, Bessie married and began living with her mother-in-law, Fay, who was a medium. After a special séance, she came home to discover the spiritualist exhausted and helped her to bed. She later […]

Burn The House Down

Paul Carroll of Stanley, County Durham in England often relied on the advice of spirits received through his Ouija board for much of his life. However, the seemingly good advice took a sinister turn on Christmas Eve in 2014, when he was told that he would need to kill his family’s beloved Bedlington terrier, Molly because she’d been possessed. In particular, he would need to drown her in the bathtub, chop her up into pieces, and then […]

Stab Your Friend

Among the less serious crimes on this list are the actions of a 15-year-old Welasco, Texas teenager in 2012. While he and his 14-year-old friend were hanging out in the woods behind their shared high school, the older teen apparently took out a four-inch knife and stabbed his long-time friend in the abdomen, causing near fatal intestinal lacerations. After doing so, he asked his injured friend to tell police that he had fallen on the weapon. In the […]

When Nightmares Come True

When I was sixteen, my parents went out of town for a weekend. It was actually pretty sweet because I got to be “king of the castle” for the weekend. So I get home that Friday night and just dick around (internet, video games, etc.) and start watching TV around dusk. The way our living room was set up was that there was a set of glass doors right next to the television that looked […]

Monsters Among Us

When I was about 6 or 7, we had this neighbor that would regularly try to invite me over for cake and candy, or to play with the dogs he owned. My parents didn’t trust him, so of course, invites were declined. Years later, we learned that he regularly raped his 12 year old stepdaughter and got her pregnant. When he went to trial, it was revealed that there were four other young girls in […]

The Ghosts of Bodmin Jail

Bodmin Jail is a historic former prison built by prisoners of war in Cornwall on the edge of the nearby moor. Currently, it is home to a museum similar to The London Dungeons for its gory displays of prisoners’ offenses and punishments. Before closing in 1927, the jail was the sight of a Naval prison, over 50 public executions, and, for a time during World War II, a cache of national treasures. Many ghosts have […]