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An Invisible Presence

This happened about a week ago. My girlfriend and I were watching YouTube and going through the Logan Paul suicide forest video when I heard walking going down the hallway. I ignored this as I thought it could have been one of the cats. But soon after I heard something fall over in the room next to mine. I paused the video and listened. As I was sitting there I heard quiet walking go up […]

Monsters Among Us

When I was about 6 or 7, we had this neighbor that would regularly try to invite me over for cake and candy, or to play with the dogs he owned. My parents didn’t trust him, so of course, invites were declined. Years later, we learned that he regularly raped his 12 year old stepdaughter and got her pregnant. When he went to trial, it was revealed that there were four other young girls in […]

The Last Tale of a Grandmother

Right now, I’m 81 years old, and had to ask my granddaughter for help to write this down. You see, I have a confession before I go. My name is Emma, and I had a sister named Elisabeth. Having been born only one year apart, we were really close, and looked very alike. One could say we were fraternal twins. Me and Lisa had always been the best of friends. We shared everything. We slept […]

Gone for good

My dad told me about people who disappear in the forrest Gone, vanished. No foot prints in snow, no trail in grass. The bodies are found miles from where they disappeared and in obscure places like mountain tops and cliff edges. Children ages 5 and younger appear hundreds of miles from where they disappeared. Some bodies are terribly mutilated, and others are never found. This is the third time I’ve heard about something related to […]