“I was honestly debating whether or not to even post this because it upsets me.

“I’m not allowed to give exact details, but one of my worst calls was from a little boy, I think he was five. He was hiding in his closet because his dad was drunk and beating the ever-loving sh*t out of his mom. He lived in a very rural area, and it was about an hour drive from the nearest police detachment. I stayed on the phone with him for almost 45 minutes (the guys drive FAST when there are kids involved) trying to keep him calm.

You literally talk about anything that pops into your head. The weather. Favorite TV shows. What his favorite toys are. All the while you can plainly hear a woman screaming and crying in the background, and as the call goes on, you can still hear the guy beating her, but her screams turn into grunts and moans. You can’t tune it out, because you are constantly typing what your hear. Any details you can get from background noise are valuable to the officers attending.

Anyway, the members arrived, arrested the piece of shit, and I hung up once they had the kid safe. And then the phone rang again. Because there is no stopping. There’s no time to process what just happened and honestly, it’s probably for the best. A lot of the time you don’t find out the outcome of the call because as I said, there are always more phones ringing.”


Posted by Carrie Hood

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