A Man’s Deceased Wife Called 911 To Save His Life

“I’m a medic that primarily works nightshift/graveyard, and we have seen some freaky stuff. This is the creepiest one that I can’t explain. (Aside from the murders we work, assaults, rapes, etc.) Got called out to a home, unknown reasons, ‘man down,’ and we were first on scene. A female frantically called, gave the address and apparently ‘can’t wake her husband up,’ then hung up. … Continue reading A Man’s Deceased Wife Called 911 To Save His Life

“I Repeatedly Saw A Man Fall To His Death”

“My very first job – working in a nightclub. The nightclub was above some clothes shop and right next to a multi-story car park. My job was running the cloakroom at the entrance of the club, and from my seat I could see the empty car park. About a week into the job, around 1am when no one was coming or going, I was staring … Continue reading “I Repeatedly Saw A Man Fall To His Death”

Bouncer Trouble

I used to be a bouncer at several different locations in the Toronto downtown area. I enjoyed working on the patio when I could despite not being a smoker because talking to people made time go by faster and hey, easier to get phone numbers. There was this one place I worked at that always had crazy shit happen. The ‘patio’ was also a weak … Continue reading Bouncer Trouble

Trapped In The Mortuary

4am, I was in the mortuary waiting for the coroner to come and take pictures of the deceased. The person died in really sketchy details, the family didn’t react the way they probably should have. A colleague and I were discussing this when the morgue fridge (cool room sliding door) slammed shut and the lights cut out. I’m not sure how i didn’t have a … Continue reading Trapped In The Mortuary

Hanging In The Mausoleum

I posted this somewhere else, but this is my story: I was an emergency dispatcher for the police department in my city, working overnights, when a woman called in to say her depressed husband had gone missing. She said he sometimes liked to go to a local (1800s-era) cemetery and just be alone. We sent two officers out to look for him, and they saw … Continue reading Hanging In The Mausoleum

“I’m gonna kill all of you.”

Working in a restaurant at 2:30 am some dude shows up and is just watching us through the front window… seemed drunk at first, ignored him for a few minutes, turned back around and he had a HUGE fucking rock in his hands and lifts it above his head and slams it against the window shattering the outside layer. He then looks directly at us … Continue reading “I’m gonna kill all of you.”