“My very first job – working in a nightclub. The nightclub was above some clothes shop and right next to a multi-story car park. My job was running the cloakroom at the entrance of the club, and from my seat I could see the empty car park.

About a week into the job, around 1am when no one was coming or going, I was staring blankly into the distance, and I noticed a body fall from the top of the multi-storey car park and out of my vision below the nightclub. I got up and ran outside, to the edge and looked over, but there wasn’t a body on the floor.

This happened at least once a week, always around 1am, a body would just fall limply from the top of the car park and disappear before it hit the floor. It happened so much that I can remember what the body looked like, what the body was wearing, but whenever I mentioned it to the staff they said they have never seen or heard anything about it.

I watched the CCTV but the cameras didn’t reach that far. I looked up information to see if anyone had died there, but couldn’t find anything. It could have just been my imagination but it was just too clear.”

— Yaxax

Posted by Carrie Dean

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