Larry Eyler – Caught During His Murder Spree

Before the horrors of Jeffrey Dahmer came to light, Larry Eyler targeted vulnerable young homosexuals across the American Midwest. If only Larry Eyler had been jailed for the attempted murder of Craig Long, perhaps some 21 other young men could have been spared. Born in 1952 in Crawfordsville, Indiana to a battered mother and an alcoholic father, life was not easy for Eyler from the start. His … Continue reading Larry Eyler – Caught During His Murder Spree

Joseph Kallinger’s murder spree

On January 17th, 1975, Joseph Kallinger was arrested in New Jersey after a six week crime spree. His 13-year-old son was arrested at the same time. Kallinger was a particularly nasty serial killer who drowned his own son for insurance money. He also branded his daughter for running away (he was arrested for that crime but was found mentally incompetent). The spree included crimes in … Continue reading Joseph Kallinger’s murder spree

Texas woman Cut baby from Mother’s womb & tried to pretend she’d just given birth..

A Texas woman was arrested in the killing of a pregnant woman whose child was removed from her womb. Taylor Parker, 27, was taken into custody in Oklahoma on Friday October 9, 2020 on charges of first-degree murder and kidnapping after Reagan Hancock, 21, was found dead in her New Boston, Texas, home around 10:20 a.m. on Oct. 9 after police received a 911 call. … Continue reading Texas woman Cut baby from Mother’s womb & tried to pretend she’d just given birth..

Father Shoots Man Who Kidnapped & Raped His Son, On National TV

In 1984, a man named Gary Plauché killed a pedophile who kidnapped and raped his son, Jody. Considering the circumstances, the judge and jury showed leniency with Plauché and he was given a seven-year suspended sentence with five years of probation and 300 hours of community service, and he ended up serving no time in jail. The case was extremely controversial at the time, with … Continue reading Father Shoots Man Who Kidnapped & Raped His Son, On National TV

Casanova Killer: Paul John Knowles

They called Paul John Knowles the “Casanova Killer.” During the troubled summer of 1974, this maniac hit the road, leaving nothing but carnage in his wake so it seemed. He killed in Georgia, Florida, Nevada, Texas and Connecticut. Knowles was a Florida-born psychopath who grew up in foster homes and juvie. Petty crime came earlier as he climbed the ladder of criminality. In early 1974, he … Continue reading Casanova Killer: Paul John Knowles

Daniel Wozniak, The Orange County Killer

In 2010, a man named Daniel Wozniak murdered two people– Sam Herr and his college friend, Juri Kibuishi. Today, he sits on California’s death row. What went down on that fateful night that Herr and Kibuishi were murdered? Here’s what we know. Wozniak was a community theater actor in Orange County, and was deeply in debt. He had no full-time job, no money, and was … Continue reading Daniel Wozniak, The Orange County Killer

Woman zipped boyfriend inside suitcase, filmed as he suffocated

A 42-year-old Orlando Florida woman is accused of zipping her boyfriend inside a suitcase during a game of hide-n-seek and leaving him to die. Sarah Boone was arrested on a charge of second-degree murder of Jorge Torres Jr. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to the 4700 block of Frantz Lane in Winter Park around 1 p.m. Monday February 24, 2020 after Boone … Continue reading Woman zipped boyfriend inside suitcase, filmed as he suffocated

George Floyd’s Wrongful Death

Four Minneapolis police officers were fired Tuesday following the death of George Floyd, a man who died on Monday May 25th, 2020 after an officer kneeled on his neck while he was handcuffed on the ground, shouting that he couldn’t breathe. Floyd was arrested around 8 p.m. Monday for forgery, a non-violent crime that implies he tried to used forged documents at a nearby deli. … Continue reading George Floyd’s Wrongful Death

Death of Ahmaud Arbery

Ahmaud Arbery, 25, was jogging in a neighborhood outside Brunswick Georgia on February 23 when a former police officer and his son chased him down. According to a Glynn County Police report, Gregory McMichael later told officers that he thought Arbery looked like a person suspected in a series of recent break-ins in the area. After they chased down Arbery, McMichael told police, Arbery and … Continue reading Death of Ahmaud Arbery

The Tool Box Killers

Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker (September 27, 1940 – December 13, 2019) and Roy Lewis Norris (born February 5, 1948), also known as the Tool Box Killers, are American serial killers and rapists who kidnapped, raped, tortured, and killed five teenage girls in Southern California over a period of five months in 1979. Bittaker and Norris became known as the “Tool Box Killers” due to the fact … Continue reading The Tool Box Killers