Levi King’s Killing Spree

28-year-old Levi King’s two state killing spree began in Missouri in September 2005… And ended in Pampa, when he walked into a farm house in the middle of the night with an AK-47 and murdered a family he’d never met. In the fall of 2005, a young Missouri man, 23-year-old Levi King, went on a vicious and inexplicable 24-hour killing spree, first shooting an elderly man … Continue reading Levi King’s Killing Spree

An Alabama man was arrested during a welfare check. Two weeks later, he was dead.

His family thought jail may be the safest place for him. But two weeks after his family called police for a welfare check and their loved one was subsequently arrested, Anthony “Tony” Mitchell was dead. Mitchell died after two weeks in police custody, according to his family. A family member said Monday that police told his loved ones last week that “his organs are shutting … Continue reading An Alabama man was arrested during a welfare check. Two weeks later, he was dead.

Joseph Entrekin Missing Person

The Birmingham Police Department reports detectives are conducting a missing person investigation. The Birmingham Police Department requests assistance from the public on locating the subject in the attached photo. The missing person has been identified as: Joseph Entrekin, (33), W/M, of Adamsville, Alabama. 6’0’’ 245 pounds. Joseph Entrekin was last seen on Friday, March 19, 2021 around the 1600 block of 12th Avenue South while he … Continue reading Joseph Entrekin Missing Person

Kai – The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker

His real name is Caleb McGillvary, he became an instant celebrity in 2013, after an interview with him, after he defended a woman from being attacked, went viral. The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker charts his overnight fame, where he appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and was approached about making a reality series. Three months later Lawrence was arrested for murder. In February 2013, Lawrence hitched a ride with … Continue reading Kai – The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker

He Chopped Off Both Her Hands While She Was Alive & Thew her off a cliff

On 29th September 1978, 50-year-old Lawrence Bernard Singleton, a former merchant seaman in the Navy, chopped off 15-year-old Mary Vincent’s hands and threw her off a 30-foot cliff at Interstate 5 in Del Puerto Canyon. Lawrence reportedly had a very bad temper and was a misogynist. He was recently divorced by his second wife. He had a strained relationship with his teenage daughter because they had … Continue reading He Chopped Off Both Her Hands While She Was Alive & Thew her off a cliff

Death of Tyre Nichols

Five Memphis police officers have been indicted and jailed in the beating death of Tyre Nichols. The beating prompted murder charges against the five officers and outrage at the latest instance of police brutality in the U.S.  The City of Memphis has publicly released video showing five Memphis police officers beating 29-year-old Tyre Nichols to death.  The officers involved in the deadly incident, were charged Thursday with murder … Continue reading Death of Tyre Nichols

Kramatorsk radiological accident

The Kramatorsk radiological accident was a radiation accident that happened in Kramatorsk, Ukrainian SSR from 1980 to 1989. A small capsule containing highly radioactive caesium-137 was found inside the concrete wall of an apartment building, with a surface gamma radiation exposure dose rate of 1800 R/year. The capsule was detected only after residents requested that the level of radiation in the apartment be measured by a health physicist. The capsule was originally part of a radiation … Continue reading Kramatorsk radiological accident

Mark Brown GUILTY of killing two women and burning bodies in incinerator

Mark Brown, 41, of St Leonards, East Sussex, killed Alexandra Morgan and Leah Ware, who went missing six months apart in 2021. Mark Brown killed Leah Ware in May and Alexandra Morgan, who both worked as escorts, he killed them at a remote farm near St Leonards in East Sussex in November last year. He met them through a sex work website. Brown put 34-year-old … Continue reading Mark Brown GUILTY of killing two women and burning bodies in incinerator

Kimberly Morse Unsolved Case

Kimberly Sue Morse arrived for her normal shift at the Foxy Lady Gentleman’s Club, where she worked as a dancer, on January 18, 2000. Kimberly left work once her shift ended, and returned to her apartment in North Providence, Rhode Island between 1:40am-1:50am. What happened next has been put together by investigators over the past 21 years.  According to investigators, Kimberly arrived to her apartment, … Continue reading Kimberly Morse Unsolved Case

3 dead in murder-suicide over snow removal dispute

On the snowy morning of February 1, 2021, three bodies were found in Plains Township, Pennsylvania, in what officials ruled a murder-suicide. The deadly incident in the sleepy town came after a heated argument between neighbors and it had to do with shoveling snow. Jeffrey Spaide fatally shot his neighbors, James Goy and his wife, Lisa Goy, before killing himself on Monday morning when officers … Continue reading 3 dead in murder-suicide over snow removal dispute