Harvard morgue manager charged with selling body parts

Federal prosecutors said the manager was one of seven people charged with being part of a network that bought and sold remains stolen from the medical school and an Arkansas mortuary.

The manager of a morgue at Harvard Medical School has been charged with selling body parts from donated cadavers and allowing buyers to come to the morgue to choose which parts they wanted.

Cedric Lodge, 55, and his wife, Denise Lodge, 63, both of Goffstown, N.H., and three others had been indicted by a federal grand jury in Pennsylvania on charges of conspiracy and interstate transport of stolen goods.

A sixth person, Jeremy Pauley, 41, of Bloomsburg, Pa., was charged separately. A seventh, Candace Chapman Scott, of Little Rock, Ark., was previously indicted in Arkansas.

The defendants were all part of a nationwide network that bought and sold human remains stolen from Harvard Medical School and a mortuary in Little Rock where Ms. Scott worked.

According to federal prosecutors, from 2018 to 2022, Mr. Lodge stole parts from cadavers that had been donated to the medical school and dissected including heads, brains, skin and bones before their scheduled cremations.

The Lodges then shipped remains to others, including Katrina Maclean, 44, of Salem, Mass., who owns a store called Kat’s Creepy Creations in Peabody, Mass., and Joshua Taylor, 46, of West Lawn, Pa.

At times, Mr. Lodge allowed Ms. Maclean, Mr. Taylor and others into the morgue to choose which parts they wanted. In October 2020, Ms. Maclean agreed to buy two dissected faces from Mr. Lodge for $600.

Ms. Maclean stored and sold remains at Kat’s Creepy Creations, which advertises “creepy dolls, oddities” and “bone art” on Instagram.

In June or July of 2021, she shipped human skin to Mr. Pauley and “engaged his services to tan the skin to create leather,”. Weird … But it gets worse.

From September 2018 to July 2021, Mr. Taylor transferred more than $37,000 in electronic payments to Ms. Lodge for body parts that had been stolen by Mr. Lodge.

In one transaction, Mr. Taylor sent Ms. Lodge $1,000 with a memo that read “head number 7,”. As part of another payment, he sent Ms. Lodge $200 with a memo that read, “braiiiiiins,”. Who the fuck does weird ass shit like that?

Mr. Pauley also bought remains from Ms. Scott, who stole body parts from the mortuary and crematory in Little Rock where she worked.

Mr. Pauley sold many of the remains he bought to others, including Mathew Lampi, 52, of East Bethel, Minn…. Obviously this is still an ongoing investigation so who knows how many others bought of sold stolen body parts. This had been going on for years, and no one seemed to even catch on.