The Imposter

9 Chilling Unsolved Crimes That Will Give You the Goosebumps
Nicholas Barclay was 13 when he disappeared near his home in Texas, in 1994

Thirteen-year-old Nicholas Barclay went missing in 1994. It was initially suspected that he ran away, but he remained missing for three years until his family got a call from Spain. It was Nicholas, claiming that he had been forced into child sex trafficking in Europe. His sister went to get him, confirmed his identity and they went home.

The problem was that Nicholas had changed. From his hair and eye color to his accent, the boy was completely different. Still, the family was adamant that they had found their missing son. That was, until a DNA test confirmed that their fifteen-year-old was actually a 23-year-old French man, Frederic Pierre Bourdin. In the 2012 documentary, The Imposter, Bourdin expresses his theory that one of the Barclay’s killed Nicholas, and the family was using his existence as an alibi. He felt they were far too willing to accept his far-fetched story, and Bourdin felt that Nicholas’ sister came to coach him on family names and pictures before his FBI interview. The real Nicholas Barclay remains missing.