When You Get What You Asked For..

I played a Ouija board in an abandon house, and was told I was talking to the Angel Azrael by the board. Lo and behold, the room gets ice cold, my body feels like I’m sitting next to a bonfire, and the board goes ‘666’. Me and my friends ask if Azrael was still there and if we were safe, and the board promptly said ‘No’.

Me and my friends freak out, and we want to leave, but without even asking a question the board moves and says ‘Leave and die’. We ask when we can leave and what it wants, and I think my friend literally pissed itself when it spelled out ‘PRS’. That was my friend’s initials.

After some more talking, we find out that my friend, we’ll call him Phil, has offended this demon that we have been talking to by mocking him. The next thing we know, Phil is on the ground with his eyes rolled in the back of his head. It looks like he’s being possessed.

After about 2 minutes, he sit back up, groggy and rubbing his head. We pleaded with him to say sorry to whatever we were talking to, he did, and the board said we were allowed to leave.

We booked it out of there, a few friends complaining about seeing shadows as we ran to the car, and Phil saying that his vision was red and that he’s seeing horns and red eyes in the windows of the house we just ran from and in the mirrors of the car. I end up dropping my keys, and it’s turning into a legit horror movie senerio.

I find my keys, and I speed like I’ve ever sped before. I haven’t been back to the house since, but whenever I go to the gate that leads to that abandon house, I get chills down my spine and feel like something’s watching me until it’s out of view from my rearview mirror. I know it sounds crazy, but it feels like the property, and whatever is still there, remembers me when I pass by, and is daring me to come back one more time.


What are your thoughts?