Harper Hill Cemetery Dadeville Al.

This former church and cemetery site is said to be haunted. Legend has it that the church’s pastor went mad one day and murdered his entire family and it is their ghosts that are said to haunt the grounds.


Me and My friends would actually go there and Try to Scare one another as Teenagers. Not sure what exactly we expected but we always heard scary stories and let’s face it the paranormal has always been an interest of mine and my siblings. So we weren’t supposed to go into the actual church as it was falling apart all over and wasn’t very safe. We did this multiple times, I do remember how creepy it was to be there. We would mostly just hang out and try to scare each other. The Cemetery beside it was just as creepy, and half the folk lore around the whole place centers around the cemetery. The one strange thing  I remember is that on one instance we went and a grave (one with the slab of concrete on top) was intact, the next time a few weeks later it was broken. Not only broken but like cracked in half then into smaller pieces. They also say there has been a red eyed dog seen on the premisses (I personally never did see it). The place kinda stayed a bit windy and colder than surrounding areas (hence hill in it’s name) so if we heard noises or anything we could usually brush it off. Eventually we had to stop going even to visit the church/cemetery because it was so run down and became a sort of hangout that if you got caught out there by the cops you’d be fucked. Especially considering the fact that we were probably drinking and defiantly not 21 or older. Last I heard the church as completely torn down due to it’s condition and to keep people out of it.

A related story is the Prospect House.

Aside form the Harper Hill church and cemetery there was another house not far down the road we also visited a few times. Apparently a man had hung himself in the tree outside the house and haunted the place. We called it “Prospect” just because it was on Prospect road. We snooped around the odd broken run down house. My buddy almost fell in the floor because they were not in any condition to be holding people anymore. This place actually UN nerved me I do remember getting scared because I thought I heard shit and saw something in my peripheral vision. I just said my minds playing tricks on me.. There was a creepy well behind the house. We threw shit down the hole but never heard a stop or splash. We left there one night and came back another and windows were broken, screen door torn off and it looked way worse. We didn’t go back much after that.


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