Flyers with the words “still missing” have been posted around Elmore County by family members and friends of a missing Wetumpka woman and her son.

Susan Osborne, 43, and her 14-year-old son Evan Chartrand have been missing for well over a year now.

Osborne and her son were reported missing last July, 2017 but the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office believes the mother and son had been missing for months before the report was filed and that they do not believe this is a missing persons case.

Susan Osborne, 42, and her 15 year old son, Evan Eric Chartrand, were last heard from on May 29, 2017. Since then there has been no contact and friends and family are worried. Susan was married to a man named Jerry Osborne, an Air Force veteran They had been experiencing some difficulties in their relationship but Susan told others that they were working on things and that she loved her husband. Linda Anklam, Susan’s mother, reported them missing on July 29, two months after they likely went missing. The delay was mostly out of respect for Susie’s privacy. But with unanswered calls and letters mounting, family and friends could no longer stay silent. Police visited the home that Susan and Jerry shared in order to get some answers and the door was answered by Jerry who was obviously in the process of cleaning the residence. But he hadn’t just cleaned the five year old home, he had completely remodeled it over the prior two months. If you have any information about this disappearance, please contact the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office via their Secret Witness Hotline at 334-567-5227. The facebook page is titled, Justice for Susie and Evan.

The family and friends held a vigil after they were gone for a year, hoping to shed some light on the case.


Posted by Carrie Hood

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