Dad who drowned his three young kids

Jason Karels, 35, has been charged with murdering his three children, Bryant, 5, Cassidy, 3, and 2-year-old Gideon in a bathtub at his home when they visited him over the weekend. After committing the gruesome murders, Karels tried to kill himself before leading police on a chase throughout the suburbs outside of Chicago, which concluded with him crashing his car.

The children’s bodies were discovered during a welfare check on the home but their father and his car were missing.

They later spotted Karels driving along the I-57 and chased him for 17 minutes before he crashed.

Karels admitted to police that he was responsible for the deaths of his three children.

Jason Karels, 35

Since he tried to take his own life several times, Karels was taken to a hospital to treat his injuries before he was booked in jail the following day. He was charged with three counts of murder and is currently being held on $10million bond.

Preliminary autopsies of the children found that they had all died from drowning.

They were supposed to be picked up by their mother, who is estranged from her husband. When it seemed like no one was home, the mother asked police to perform a welfare check at his house. While there, police found the three children dead.

This is GoFundMe page that was created to help the mother, and family of the children.

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