Eric Francisco Rosas, brutal murder in Mexico city

Eric Francisco Robledo Rosas, is a 46-year-old civil engineer, originally from the community of Necaxa, located in the municipality of Juan Galindo in the state of Puebla. It was not enough for this man to take the life of 25-year-old Ingrid Escamilla, but rather he skinned it and discarded his remains through the drain, as he himself confessed.

The brutal crime was committed inside an apartment on Tamagno Street in the mayor’s office, Gustavo A. Madero in Mexico City.

According to testimonies collected, the alleged murderer is malencarado and recognized in Necaxa; His father is a recognized primary and secondary teacher, his mother worked in the Mexican Union of Electricians (SME) of the former Light and Strength Company of the Center.

People commented that approximately 9 months ago, Ingrid left her job in the auxiliary presidency of Necaxa and moved to Mexico City to live with her then partner.

They commented that the man had two children from a previous marriage but his ex-wife left him for violent and so he filed a complaint against him. After committing the crime, he skinned the young woman and tried to dispose of her remains through the pipes and in plastic bags.

this is what he had to say to investigators: “I’m telling you we started arguing. And we continued arguing, we began to struggle. Then she told me that he wanted to kill me and I told her ‘Kill me’. And that I took out the knife and told him: ‘At once’, and that was when he first buried it in me. I tell him: ‘Hit him harder than once’ and he hit me like two more times.

According to the investigations, Ingrid Escamilla filed a complaint for family violence in 2019 before the Prosecutor’s Office of the Family Courts. According to Escamilla, her partner Erick Francisco caused her injuries about seven months ago. There were also witnesses to the conflictive relationship that she lived with her partner.

This was a very unexpected crime to take place, needless to say he almost got away with murder. Erick Francisco Robledo Rosas was found guilty for the femicide of Ingrid Escamilla that occurred in 2020, the decision was made by a Unitary Court within the East Prison.