The Unheeded Warning

A young lady was driving home after a long vacation. Sometime after midnight, a very heavy storm begins as she notices she is almost out of gas. She sees a sign for a gas station and convenience store and pulls off the interstate to fill her tank. The place is obviously open, but deserted, run-down, and old. She almost drives on, but concerned she might run out of gas, decides to stop and just get gas. As she pulls in, a tall man with a badly scarred face comes running through the rain. He pumps her gas and the girl rolls her window down just enough to hand him her credit card. He grabs it and runs back inside.

The scarred man comes back, tells her she will have to come inside, because her card was denied, and hurries back inside without allowing her to respond. She really doesn’t want to go inside and considers driving off without paying. However, she decides to go in very quickly, take care of the bill, and leave as soon as possible.

When she gets inside, the man grabs her arm and tries to talk to her. His voice is rough and difficult to understand and she thinks he may have had his voice damaged in whatever accident scarred his face. The man gets increasingly excited and the young girl becomes more frantic. She finally wrests herself from his grip and runs back to her car, leaving the station as quickly as possible. She sees the old man through her back window yelling and gesturing her to come back, but she keeps driving.

She turns on the radio to help her relax and sees something move behind her. She looks in the rear-view mirror, just as a man appears in the back seat holding an ax. That is the last thing she sees in this life. The scarred man at the gas station had been trying to warn her.

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