“Humans lick, too.”

A young girl’s parents were going out for the night. Although she was still young, she thought she was too old for a babysitter. She begs to be allowed to stay home alone, even though her parents will be out very late. She promises to go to bed at her regular bed time and calls her parents on her cellphone just before she settles down for the night to tell them she is fine and not to wake her when they come home. She will see them in the morning.

She is almost asleep when she hears dripping noises. She gets up to see if it is raining outside, but the star and moon are shining brightly. She returns to bed, and she as she closes her eyes, she hears the dripping noise again. Her hand is hanging out of bed and she takes comfort when she feels a wet tongue lick it. Knowing their dog is under her bed provides comfort. The dripping noise continue and she finally decides she must know what it is.

The young girl gets up and turns on the light. The noise continues and she keeps looking for the source. (At this point, the narrator can stretch the story out, describing various places where she looks, i.e. the hallway, the adjacent bathroom – sink and shower, etc.) Finally, she looks in her closet. There hangs her dog, dripping blood, with a note that says, “Humans lick, too.”