Alabama boy, 14, killed brother, had family ‘hit list’

A 14-year-old in Pike County is accused of killing his own brother and planning to do the same to others in his family.

Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas said the 17-year-old victim was found dead outside the family home Tuesday afternoon. Deputies said the unnamed teen’s father said he had been missing since Monday, but they had not reported it.

Thomas said he interviewed several people, but when they spoke with the victim’s 14-year-old brother, the teen confessed to shooting him from the porch. The sheriff said the teen told them his brother staggered out of the house before falling to the bottom of the back steps. He said the young suspect told them he dragged his brother about 60 yards to the back of the property.

Thomas said no one else was home when this happened. He said their father returned home a few hours later and questioned where the victim was.

According to the sheriff, the school had the father pick up his 14-year-old son early the next day because he was acting upset over his brother’s disappearance. They searched for him when they returned home, and that’s when the father found his son’s body out back and called law enforcement.

Thomas said they later learned the 14-year-old confided to a friend at school that he had killed his brother. The news release said, “He then asked his friend to help him murder the rest of his family and help him bury their bodies. The friend also stated the 14-year-old had a hit list in his bookbag of family members he wanted to kill and made statements about wanting to shoot up the school.”

The sheriff said they searched his bag and found that list.

The suspect was taken into custody and charged with murder.

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