Tallassee man & woman facing capital murder of missing pregnant woman

A Tallassee man and woman have been charged with two counts of capital murder after the death of a pregnant woman.

According to the Macon County District Attorney’s Office, Darrian Daqwon Kennebrew and Desirea Driscol have been charged with the death of Jessica Bean and her unborn son.

The DA’s office said the investigation began after a woman’s body was found near the intersection of County Road 2 and Cross Keys Road. Bean, who had been reported missing earlier that week, was later identified as the deceased woman.

Kennebrew is said to have stabbed Bean multiple times, causing her death.

Kennebrew had an initial appearance on Feb. 24th. Both Kennebrew and Driscol have been placed in the Macon County Jail without bond.

Darrian Daqwon Kennebrew

This hits home for many different reasons, but mainly because Tallassee is my hometown as well. I personally graduated high School the same year as Darrian Kennebrew, we both graduated from Tallassee High School. I remember him playing sports, but all around being a pretty quiet and docile young man. But what could make a man decided to murder a pregnant woman?

We still do not know about the connection these two individuals had to the deceased woman. I’ve heard numerous rumors about how Darrian may have known Jessica Bean, none have been confirmed as true. This is an open investigation, I will update as soon as more information becomes available to me.

“Additional charges may be forthcoming as a result of the ongoing investigation,” Segrest added. “There are currently no other suspects. At this time the District Attorney’s office intends on seeking the death penalty for these charges.”

Anyone with any information should contact the SBI at 1-800-392-8011.

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