Screaming Woman

“I’m a wildland firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service. This story is from an old supervisor of mine that I believe completely.

The setting is 2004 or so, in the Hells Canyon area of middle Idaho. My supervisor’s crew had been working all day and were going to be working through the night as well. As assistant superintendent, he was out scouting ahead on an ATV.

He was working his way down a logging road that had clearly not been used in some time when a bobcat appeared in the middle of the road. The thing stood there for a good 10 seconds, screamed at him, and then scampered up a nearby tree.

He found this odd, but not particularly unsettling. Half a mile or so down the road, he found a small cabin. This was also odd as he was working on federal land, and no private structures should have been there. Upon investigation, he saw that all the windows had been boarded shut. The door knob had been punched out and secured to a hole drilled into the log frame by a chain. Someone did not want anything getting in (or out) of that cabin.

Unsettled, he hopped on his ATV and headed back up the road. Where the bobcat had been, he found a Native-American woman in a badly tattered nightgown. He yelled at her and asked if she needed help. She just screamed at him, the same scream as the cat, and climbed up the tree faster than any human had a right to.

Obviously, my supervisor got out of there as fast as he could. Unsure of who or what he had seen, he asked a local guy about the cabin. A local Native-American heard them talking and said my supervisor had seen a skin-walker.” – Reddit