“I was a staunch nonbeliever in ghosts until I ‘saw.’ We were driving down a rural Kentucky road with a full car load, when all of a sudden, the driver turned off the radio and all the guys removed their hats. Everyone was dead quiet.  I tried to ask what was going on and got shushed.

About a mile ahead, the radio and hats were put back on and everyone behaved normally again. I then asked what was going on. They told me a child had died on that stretch of road and will haunt people that don’t respect it when they drive through. I was like, ‘Yeah right. They’re just trying to scare me.’

On the way back, the guys in the car did not turn off the radio or remove their hats, so I believed my suspicions of trickery were correct. That is, until I began to feel a dampness on the knees of my pants. I asked if anyone else was experiencing the same thing, and while they were not, they noticed two small, child-sized hand prints on the rear window. I would have thought they were planted, except the expressions on my friends’ faces told me otherwise. When we got to our destination, the hand prints were still there, along with two perfect feet marks in the condensation on the back of the car.” – Forestry Forum

Posted by Carrie Dean

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