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Pay Your Respect

“I was a staunch nonbeliever in ghosts until I ‘saw.’ We were driving down a rural Kentucky road with a full car load, when all of a sudden, the driver turned off the radio and all the guys removed their hats. Everyone was dead quiet.  I tried to ask what was going on and got shushed. About a mile ahead, the radio and hats were put back on and everyone behaved normally again. I then […]

Totally Not A Ghost Boy

Legendary Picture.. I’ve seen this one a lot but it’s still creepy


Jay was a normal kid. An absolutely, completely normal kid. I’m not sure why that happened… but I do know, the day we learned that Jay Martin was found strung up in a fucking oak tree in the park, the entire neighborhood wept. Jay made average grades, played trumpet in the band, and had average looks—absolutely nothing about him was special. Nothing really made him a target. He was just a genuinely nice kid. I’m […]