I posted this somewhere else, but this is my story: I was an emergency dispatcher for the police department in my city, working overnights, when a woman called in to say her depressed husband had gone missing. She said he sometimes liked to go to a local (1800s-era) cemetery and just be alone. We sent two officers out to look for him, and they saw the door to the mausoleum cracked open. When they went in, they made their way through the very dark underground rooms and finally one of their flashlights caught the image of a figure. They thought it was the man just standing there, but it turned out that he had hanged himself from one of the pipes overhead, and was dead. The ceiling was so low to the ground that his feet were still on the floor. The officers high-tailed it out and called back to say they had found him. This was late October in Maine. Very spooky.


Posted by Carrie Dean

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