Sally Carter’s grave, Huntsville

Anyone attending school in Huntsville through 1982 likely made a visit to Sally Carter’s grave. According to legend, Sally was a teenager visiting her sister Mary Ewing at Cedarhurst Mansion in 1837 when she was taken ill and died.

She was buried in the family cemetery at the south Huntsville estate. Her headstone read:
“My flesh shall slumber in the ground
Till the last trumpet’s joyful sound
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise
And in my savior’s image rise.”

According to, “Sightings of Sally’s ghost started in 1919, when a teenage boy who was staying at the mansion had a dream about her. In the dream, Sally came to him and told him to fix her tombstone, which had been toppled over during the previous night’s storm. Sure enough, when he went to visit her tombstone the next morning, it had been knocked down.”

Since then, dozens of people have reported seeing Sally’s ghost, either in the mansion or at her grave. But the numerous visits to the grave site took their toll. The site was often vandalized and Sally’s remains were exhumed in December 1982 and re-interred in an undisclosed location. The mansion is now the clubhouse for a gated community.