I was 17 and had just gotten my license. Back in high school, my friends and I had made it a mission to find abandoned houses to throw parties in. We had a few good candidates, but the motherload was this house I would pass on my home from work. It was an undeveloped shell of a huge home with a large property in the back. I had told one of my friends about it and one day before we went to see a movie, I took him to the house. It was about dusk in summer so I had my headlights on. I pulled into the front of the house and we were there for like 10 seconds tops before we pulled back to go to the main road. A minute later, this big truck pulls up behind us with its high beams on and riding our ass. My friend and I took note of it, but paid it no mind as we headed back to the main road. At the light, I turned right, but the truck cut through the gas station at the corner and blocked us off. Out of the truck comes this big hulk of a man and my friend and I are shitting our pants. He raps on the window and I roll it down. Now, the really freaky part is that this a busy road and now there was no one in sight. He asks us what we were doing at the house and I quickly lied and said we were making a U-Turn. He stares at us for a few seconds, smiles, and sends us on our way. To this day, the house remains unfinished and I’m convinced it’s a drug operation of some sort.

TL;DR: Don’t go into “abandoned” houses man

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Posted by Carrie Dean

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