“I was living with my sister and she went away on holiday for a week so I had the house to myself. I was heading to bed and turned out all of the lights. I was laying in bed then I heard what I thought was a guitar being played so I head downstairs to see what the noise was.

I found my guitar laying on the ground and picked it up and put it back on my stand. I go to head back to bed and again I heard the guitar being played. Head back downstairs to find again the guitar lying on the ground. Why was this spooky? It was the 11th anniversary that my dad has been deceased, he loved playing the acoustic as much as I do. Could. Not. Sleep. We also do not own any animals so I don’t know how the guitar could have ended up on the ground twice.”



Posted by Carrie Hood

If you like true crime, murder mysteries, vanishing people, unsolved crimes, urban legends, ghost stories, and anything paranormal please follow because this is the site for you! Please submit any stories to me, Enjoy the scare :)

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