Dozier Saws Man Into Pieces; later Disposes of Body

Scott Dozier lived a normal life, even getting married and fathering a son, but by his early 20s, dealt full-time in methamphetamine. He traveled between Nevada and Arizona selling narcotics and committed murders in each state.

Murder of Jeremiah Miller

On April 18, 2002, Dozier met Jeremiah Miller at La Concha, a motel on the Las Vegas Strip. Miller thought he and Dozier were purchasing ephedrine ( the main ingredient in methamphetamine production) and brought along $12,000 in cash for the purpose.

Once at the hotel, Dozier killed Miller, then sawed his body into multiple pieces, stuffing them into a suitcase that he disposed of in an apartment complex in Western Las Vegas. Workers discovered the suitcase the following week, although his arms and head were never found.

On June 25, 2002, police arrested Dozier for Miller’s murder in Phoenix, Arizona, and soon tied him to the July 27, 2001 murder of Jasen “Griffin” Green.

Doug Powell, an inmate serving a sentence for drugs, gave police the break they needed when he told them he helped Dozier bury the body of Jasen Greene. He agreed to lead police to Greene’s body, where they found his badly decomposed remains in a desert just outside Arizona.

Greene and Dozier were roommates in a trailer in Maricopa County. Convinced Greene knew too much and could tip off police to the meth operation, Dozier decided to kill the man.

A large man standing 6’2 tall, Dozier was unable to move the body himself and asked Powell and another man, Roy Comesrunningbuck, helped dispose of the body. A rancher named Quinn found the body a short time later and started asking questions.

Greene’s body sat in a plastic tote box in a truck for several months before Powell and hid the body.

The court upheld the death sentence in Dozier’s case in 2012. In 2016, Dozier asked the court to speed up his execution; he was ready to die. He voluntarily gave up the appeals process and offered himself up to execution. Instead, the state pushed back his execution numerous times.

Prison officials placed Dozier on suicide watch due to his deteriorated mental state. A few months later, on January 5, 2019, still waiting on his execution, Dozier hanged himself in his cell from a bed sheet attached to an air vent.

After the suicide, Dozier left an audiotape. Click here to read the full transcript of the audio.

“I don’t want to die. I’d just rather be dead than do this.” —Scott Dozier

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