Mark Brown GUILTY of killing two women and burning bodies in incinerator

Mark Brown, 41, of St Leonards, East Sussex, killed Alexandra Morgan and Leah Ware, who went missing six months apart in 2021.

Mark Brown killed Leah Ware in May and Alexandra Morgan, who both worked as escorts, he killed them at a remote farm near St Leonards in East Sussex in November last year.

He met them through a sex work website.

Brown put 34-year-old Ms Morgan head-first into a home-made incinerator before dumping her remains.

The body of 33-year-old Ms Ware has never been found, but the prosecution believe he used a similar method – as well as also killing her Pomeranian dog, Lady.

The jury of 10 men and two women took 10-and-a-half hours to convict Brown of both murder charges.

Brown met Ms Ware in 2018 when he hired her as an escort and they developed an “on again, off again” relationship.

He rented a flat in Hastings and Miss Ware moved in with money she received from her benefits being paid directly to him to cover the rent.

By May 2019 Miss Ware had moved to Little Bridge Farm, first living in a caravan before moving into an old shipping container located in the barn.

She acquired two dogs, a Pomeranian called Lady and a Mastiff called Duke, as well as a horse and some goats.

Leah was killed by Mark Brown

The court heard Brown was very controlling of Miss Ware and would lock her into the barn when he was at work.

He locked Ms Ware in a shopping container
Shipping container she was kept in

He killed her on or around May 7 last year after tensions grew when she pressed him to leave his partner of 14 years, Lisa Clark, who he was ‘persistently’ unfaithful to.

The jury was told that after Miss Ware went missing Brown went to great lengths to try to make it appear she was still alive and well.

He continued to pick up a prescription from her doctor’s for medication she used to treat her mental health.

Brown also continued to use her bank card to withdraw money out of Miss Ware’s bank account.

He used her bank card after her death

He then hired Alexandra Morgan for sex around a dozen times before offering her an escorting job worth £100,000 in October 2021.

When she visited Little Bridge Farm, the site he rented, the following month, he killed her and burned her body in an incinerator made from an oil drum.

He then dumped her remains at the building site where he worked in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Brown claimed she died in an accident at the farm after hitting her head when she slipped in his workshop and he burned her body “in a panic”.

The judge said he would decide by January if he would be jailed with no possibility of parole.

Judge Hilliard said the impact on the families of his victims had been devastating.

Brown changed the number plates on Leah's Mini and enlisted a friend to move the car to a residential road

Brown changed the number plates on Leah’s Mini and enlisted a friend to move the car to a residential road 

His determined concealment of the means of death, concealed his determined, violent action.

Within days of murdering Leah, Brown had selected his next victim but not before he had tried out a few more.

At least four more women visited Little Bridge Farm.

Brown was found guilty today

On February 4, Brown appears at Lewes Crown Court charged with both murders. He pleads not guilty to the murder of Ms Morgan but, after the discovery of her remains, he admits to destroying her body with fire – claiming she fell and died on the farm in an accident.

October 17, Brown’s trial begins at Hove Crown Court. On November 29: The jury retires to consider its verdict.

“He may never tell us how or why he killed her but we hope his conviction for her murder will bring some sense of justice to the family and friends Leah left behind.”

Mark Brown was charged with murder and later found guilty by a jury.

He was given two life sentences, to be served concurrently, and told he would spend a minimum of 49 years in prison.