When I was sixteen, my parents went out of town for a weekend. It was actually pretty sweet because I got to be “king of the castle” for the weekend. So I get home that Friday night and just dick around (internet, video games, etc.) and start watching TV around dusk. The way our living room was set up was that there was a set of glass doors right next to the television that looked out to the back porch/backyard. The backyard was surrounded by ivy that grew on a hill around a 45 degree angle. So I’m just mindlessly channel surfing and I see some movement outside. At first I just dismiss it thinking it’s a bird or a neighborhood cat or something, but I then notice that whatever is moving is WAY bigger than a bird or a cat. I go and put my face near the glass and stare into the backyard– and there’s some dude just crouching in the ivy looking into the house. Our eyes meet and he has somewhat of an “oh shit!” moment and BOLTS out of our yard. Scared the shit out me.

Posted by Carrie Dean

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