An Invisible Presence

This happened about a week ago. My girlfriend and I were watching YouTube and going through the Logan Paul suicide forest video when I heard walking going down the hallway. I ignored this as I thought it could have been one of the cats. But soon after I heard something fall over in the room next to mine. I paused the video and listened. As I was sitting there I heard quiet walking go up the hall, I asked my girlfriend if she heard it and she said yes. She wanted to call the cops but I didn’t want to as I have had bad experiences with cops in the past. I have a pocket knife and a box cutting knife in my room. So I handed one to my girlfriend and I took one. We went over to the door, I unlocked it and we listened. We both heard walking once again. So we waited another minute and walked slowly out of the room. I started slowly walking to the the room were I first heard something fall over. As I got to the door the hairs on the back of my neck started to go up but there was nothing to be seen. So we check the rest of the house and there was nothing. I took note to where all the cats were. Rocket was on the bed in my moms room, pumpkin was on the dresser in my moms room and nuabe was laying down on the couch in the living room. I decided to check the closets in the took back rooms on the other side of the house and as we were in my sisters room my girlfriend heard a bang from my moms room. When we got to the room there was nothing. She has a door in her room that leads to the outside and it was locked but it was the only thing I thought could have made the noice since the cats have not moved. But as I went back into my sisters room pumpkin was in there laying down I was generally confused since I just saw her in my moms room. I just ignored it and we finally went back to my room. My girlfriend was telling me she was freaked out and as we were talking for a little bit we both heard the back door open and shut. By this point I didn’t know what to think and I couldn’t remember if I locked it the night before. So we walked into the kitchen where the door was, I turned on the back porch light and walked outside while my girlfriend stood at the door. Making sure nothing got in or out. I walked my way over to the side of the house where the door leading into my moms room was and it looked like the someone pushed it inwards. We both went back inside and all the cats were still where I had last saw them. Except that pumpkin was still in my sisters room. We went back to the room next to mine and as we were looking at the window we saw someone at the bottom right corner, like someone arm brushed against it and then went back under visibility. I took a look outside and saw nothing. Me and my girlfriend talked it over in the hall and decided something weird was going on. As we were standing in the hall we both heard this low pitched crawl, it happened a total of two times and I had no idea what it could be and it sounded like it was above us on the roof or in the crawl space of an attic. The crawl space was in my moms room, so we made our way to it and I noticed nuabe was gone. I looked everywhere for her and couldn’t find her. I went back outside to the back porch and I saw her jumping around really weirdly in the back yard but not like a cat would. My girlfriend saw the cat and started freaking out because it had not come outside when we did the first time and there for there was no other way it could have gotten outside. I just hurried inside and locked all the doors. Making our way over to the crawl space once again, we heard another crawl right above us. Now we were in the door way of my moms rooms when we heard this and then my girlfriend ran to the bathroom and started throwing up. I just decided I will look up there another day. She went back to my room and screamed, I rushed to her and asked what was wrong and she pointed at the window where nuabe was standing on it’s back legs staring at use through the window. I had no idea what to think. I was leaning forwards skin walker because I had been talking about them a lot that week and heard that they are more drawn to you if you talk about them. But I didn’t believe that was the case. My girlfriend said she wasn’t feeling good at all. But in a few minutes my mom came home and we just blew everything off and went to bed. Precious to this, we have seen someone hiding in the bushes across the street and my girlfriend has this stalker that wears all black but doesn’t act like a human at all. I’ve only seen it once and it was far away from the house by some woods. Staring at us from afar. Does anyone know if these are tied together? Or what the hell is going on in general?


What are your thoughts?