“My grandpa used to see shadow figures out of the corners of his eyes as a kid, while awake, and so did his little brother. He was a very no-nonsense Englishman so one day he simply told them he wouldn’t be seeing them anymore, thank you very much, and he never did after that. He said they didn’t scare him, but they distracted him; he would see them sort of doing cartwheels, dancing jerky dances like puppets dance, or just walking around. When he got into grammar school he decided he was too grown up for them, and told them to go away. His brother carried on seeing them and as far as he knew, never stopped.

He 100% did not believe in the paranormal. He was all about science. Never heard him tell a ghost story in my life. And he told me about this when I was in my 20s, so he certainly wasn’t just trying to scare the grand-daughter.” – marya-morevna

Posted by Carrie Dean

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