My bedroom is on the second floor of the house. There’s no patio/porch/overhang of any kind beneath my windows.

Couple of years ago I was watching TV in bed around 2 AM and heard a louder than usual “animal” sound. Not uncommon to hear squirrels running around on the roof from time to time. Didn’t think much of it. Kept on happening, and started to sound awfully close to the window and not on the roof. I ignored it for a pretty long time.

After at least 40-45 minutes of being irritated by the noise (best guess, I had watched a couple of episodes of South Park on my DVR during the timespan) I banged on the wall in hopes of scaring them off until I could get to sleep.

Just two quick bangs with my fist. Which were answered with 2 bangs on the wall right next to the window from outside.

Needless to say, I just about shit and jumped out of bed.

Now, my living room has a bay window, and is on the other end of the house, so I could look out that window from the side and see my bedroom window. I hustle downstairs and peek out.

I see a guy standing in front of my house, below my bedroom window. He’s got a knife (small pocket knife) in his hand, and he’s “petting” the front of my house.

Call the police and wait. He never leaves the front of the house even when they roll up and ultimately disarm and arrest him without much struggle. Via


Posted by Carrie Hood

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