SlaughterHouse Road

“I used to live near Statesboro Georgia for a time, and while my own hometown didn’t have its own creepy urban legend, there was a legend about the old abandoned slaughterhouse on the aptly named “Slaughterhouse Road.” The slaughterhouse had been built sometime originally in the 20s and worked through the mid-40s before a fire ran through the place, killing a number of the employees. The legend was that the fire had been started by the owner when he found out that his young bride to be wanted to break off the marriage in favor of her childhood sweetheart. Among the dead was the woman, and the presumed sweetheart. The owner himself effectively vanished off the face of the earth after the fire, making the case technically (he’d be long dead now) still open.

The building has long stood abandoned, with no power, phone, nor access to the very topmost floor. Yet this hasn’t prevented phone calls to 911 cropping up from there, as well as strange sightings of a woman walking aimlessly along the top floor where the offices were.” – Kabukikitsune

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