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Charles Watson was well known to the people of Lower Quinton, England, but it was for a reason that some considered peculiar. He appeared to be able to communicate with animals, feeding birds out of his own hand and commanding wild animals with his voice. On Valentine’s Day in 1945, at the age of 74 Walton met a brutal end. He was found with his throat cut, a pitchfork pinning him into the ground and a cross carved into his chest. Rumors surrounding his death were mostly based on the theory that he was a witch who had cast a spell on someone, and to break it, the subject killed him. The circumstance became even stranger when police found a book called Folklore, Old Customs and Superstitions in Shakespearland. The book told the story of a man named Charles Walton, who died in 1865 after an apparent ghost sighting. This led many in the village to believe that the two Charles Waltons were the same person. No one was ever arrested for his murder and the case remains a baffling mystery.

What a strange and unusual way to die..

Posted by Carrie Dean

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