Long Island Serial Killer

The man alternately known as the “Gilgo Beach Killer” or “Craigslist Ripper” killed 10 to 16 people associated with prostitution over 2 decades. His crimes were discovered in 2010 when 24-year-old escort Shannan Gilbert went missing in Oak Beach. Although she was found months later, having drowned in a nearby swamp, a related search unearthed a woman’s remains in a burlap sack along Ocean Parkway, with several more found soon thereafter. By April 2011, many more had been found at dump sites near Long Island, Gilgo Beach, and Oak Beach, with one murder dating back to 1996. Police believed the killer to be a 20 to 40-year-old white male familiar with the area and with law enforcement, but he was never caught and remains at large, haunting the Long Island area with the legacy of his terrible crimes and the possible victims that have yet to be found.

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