Frozen Alive

On December 20, 1980, Jean Hilliard was involved in a car accident that resulted in car failure inĀ sub-zero temperatures. She walked to a friend’s house 2 miles away and collapsed 15 feet away from the door. Temperatures dropped to āˆ’22Ā Ā°F and she was found “frozen solid” at 7 a.m. the following morning after six hours in the cold. She was transported toĀ Fosston HospitalĀ where doctors said her skin was too hard to pierce with aĀ hypodermic needleĀ and her body temperature was too low to register on aĀ thermometer. Her face was ashen and her eyes were solid with no response to light. Her pulse was slowed to approximately 12 beats per minute. It has been suggested that due to having alcohol in her system, her organs remained unfrozen, which prevented permanent damage.[

Her family gathered in prayer, hoping for a miracle. She was wrapped in anĀ electric blanket. 2 hours later, Jean went into violentĀ convulsionsĀ and regained consciousness. She was perfectly fine, mentally and physically, although a bit confused. Even theĀ frostbiteĀ was slowly disappearing from her legs, to the doctor’s amazement. After 49 days, she left the hospital without even losing a finger and with no permanent damage to the brain or body. Crazy to think that’s even possible, good thing she’d been drinking I’d say!Ā