Elmore county resident Matt Womble says his mother has been missing since July 5th, 2018. Matt, who was a volunteer firefighter in both Deatsville and Friendship communities, and who now volunteers with Eclectic Fire Department, hopes someone comes forward with information to help locate his mother.  

Donna Lynn Brown, 57, who lives on Browns Loop Road in the Salem Community, in Coosa County went missing on July 5. According to WSFA Brown left her home on foot around 1 a.m. Thursday and had not returned by 7 a.m. The sheriff’s office says Brown was with her sister-in-law, Nancy Davis, who woke up around 1 a.m. and realized Brown was gone.

Brown’s husband, Herbert Earle Brown, advised authorities that she had walked home from Davis’ house around 12:30 a.m. He also told authorities she was upset and that he calmed her down and talked her into going to sleep. When Mr. Brown woke up, he said his wife was gone.

Searches of houses and outside buildings were conducted by deputies without luck. Other law enforcement agencies pitched in on the search, including the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency which provided its helicopter, but the search was called off after several hours. 

Officials say Brown is about 5-foot-3 inches tall, weighs 150 lbs, and has gray hair and brown eyes. It is reported that she was last seen wearing a pink shirt, black pants, and blue and white tennis shoes.

Anyone that has any information has been asked to contact the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office at 256-377-2211, or call 911.

Now this place is pretty close to home for me and I know if it were my mother I’d want all the help possible to find her. Anything would be helpful at this point, this man and his family I’m sure are sick with worry still. Please speak up if you know anything that may have caused her disappearance.

Posted by Carrie Dean

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