MISSING – Michael Wilkinson


It has been confirmed that Michael Wilkinson is safe and has made it home to his mother.


A young man by the name of Michael Wilkinson age 15, has been missing since November 30th 2019. He has not had the easiest of childhoods, and has had a troubled past. His primary residence was in Montgomery Alabama, although he tends to stay with friends and other relatives at times. He has also ran away twice in the last few months. This very well could be another run away, only difference is we have no idea where he went this time or where he might be now. The times he had attempted running away before he had returned home once he cooled off, or at least let someone know he was safe.

He has been living with his mother for the past three years, the day he ran off he had been at a family members home in north Montgomery. We all know teenagers can be dramatic, but this was different. I have been notified he was on medication for his depression/panic disorder. This boy has had no contact with any family/friends that we are aware of, he has no phone, no car, & most likely no money. If he does have food or money he probably isn’t getting it easily. Most of all this boys mother is so worried about him and he needs his medication. If anyone has any idea where he might be please contact the Montgomery Police department as soon as possible. He could be anywhere by now, All we can hope is that he hasn’t gotten picked up by the wrong person. They just need confirmation that he is safe, with all the kidnappings and other murders recently in our area it’s even more worrisome. Please share and get the word out, bring him home safely!

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