Candice Fenton’s Mysterious Death – Auburn AL.

In the 90s, Candice packed up and headed from New Jersey to Auburn University to pursue a degree in education.

She had no plans on coming home. When she finished college she had planned to stay there and teach in the public schools.

Unfortunately those plans were cut short on July 18, 1995. After not hearing from Candice for several days, her mother Frances called police requesting a welfare check.

When the police arrived at Candice’s apartment, they found her decomposing body on the floor, bound at the neck and wrists by a dog leash. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was partially clothed. There were no signs of forced entry, nothing had been taken, and she had no injuries beyond what the dog leash presumably did to her neck and wrists.

She died of asphyxiation, but the coroner couldn’t determine whether her asthma played a role in her death. While her mother is certain she was a victim of homicide, the police say they can’t completely rule out an accident.

In 2015, Auburn investigators went back for another look at the case, telling the media that newer technological advances like touch DNA “and other forensic processes” could help solve Candice’s case. I’m unable to find an other updates on the case. Of course if you have any information on her case please contact your local police department.