Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans

Abandoned since Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, Six Flags New Orleans (formerly Jazzland) still draws curious revelers hoping to break in and explore the eerie grounds. People claim to hear phantom laughter and the music from rides that haven’t operated in over a decade. 

It is owned by the Industrial Development Board (IDB) of New Orleans. Six Flags had leased the park from 2002 until 2009, when the lease was terminated during its bankruptcy proceedings. The former park is located in New Orleans East, off Interstate 10.

Despite various announced plans to redevelop the site, as of July 2019, it is still abandoned and in poor condition. Trespassing is prohibited, and the park is patrolled for 24 hours a day by the New Orleans Police Department. Despite these deterrents, videos and photos of the site have surfaced over the years from thrill-seekers and YouTubers. As a result, city officials became more diligent in securing the park and banning tours.

In late May 2019, it was reported that plans were being discussed to redevelop the park, and a study being done will decide if the park will be demolished or not.