Arkansas woman found dead under ex-boyfriend’s bed

A missing woman’s body was located under a mattress at her ex-boyfriend’s house Tuesday, May 18, 2021. Authorities were actively searching for the man as a person of interest in the case.

Robin Elizabeth Allmon’s body was found at her ex-boyfriend Maurice Winda’s house in Hughes, Arkansas.

Allmon’s family reported her missing last week to the Hughes Police Department and then contacted the St. Francis County Sheriff’s Office on Monday. Winda reportedly did not show up to his job on Tuesday.

St. Francis County Sheriff Bobby May she was discovered “wrapped in a bed sheet with a mattress laying on top of the body, and there was no one at home.”

Investigators said she appeared to have been dead for several days. Allmon was reportedly identified by her tattoos. An autopsy had not yet been performed.

Winda, who works for the City of Hughes Sanitation Department, allegedly abused Allmon on several occasions. Robin Allmon’s daughter Nancy Allman told reporters, “The last known person for her to be with was her ex boyfriend, and he had been abusing her and assaulting her.”

Allmon says her mom, Robin Elizabeth Allmon, was beaten on more than one occasion by her ex-boyfriend, Maurice Winda.

“He blacked her eye. Her eye was black, like over, she ended up going to the hospital. She had a fractured eye socket,” Allman said.

Allman said Winda, who works for the Hughes Sanitation Department, failed to appear in court on assault charges and is certain her mom was taken against her will to Winda’s house, where she was found dead.

“In my eyes, in my heart, nothing will make me believe my mom was willingly going in that house on her own. I believe he got my mom. He forced my mom,” Allman said.

A motive was not released, but deputies said there were reports of abuse.

Sheriff Bobby May says he’s waiting on the medical examiner’s report on the exact cause of death
If you have information, contact the St. Francis County Sheriff’s office at 870-633-2611.

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