Tracie Andrews Killer Fiance

Tracie Marguerite Andrews (born in 1969) is an English woman who murdered her fiancé.

Andrews, a former model and barmaid, attacked Harvey in his car after they had stopped following an argument on the way to their flat in The Becks, Alvechurch, Worcester. Andrews stabbed Harvey more than 30 times.

After a West Midlands Police inquiry failed to find witnesses to the incident, Andrews was arrested on the morning of Saturday 7 December, in Hospital. She was released on Bail after being charged.

She came into the court still holding her road-rage defence, but was found guilty by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court in July 1997 for the murder of Lee Harvey on 1 December 1996. She was sentenced to life imprisonment and a 14-year minimum term was recommended, which would have kept her behind bars until at least 2011 and the age of 42.

During her imprisonment, Andrews has saved the life of a fellow prisoner who attempted suicide, and this sparked fears that she could be out on prison even sooner than the trial judge had recommended. But the Home Secretary (who has since been stripped of his powers to amend minimum terms) later ordered that Andrews should serve no less than the 14 years that had been recommended by her trial judge.

She was however moved from Foston Hall jail in Derbyshire to Send prison near Woking, Surrey. An inmate of the therapeutic wing, she receives one-to-one counselling, where she admitted again to murdering Harvey.

Harvey’s parents, Roy and Maureen, travelled to 10 Downing Street as part of a delegation of families involved in high-profile murder cases. They have often spoken of their belief that Andrews will kill again if released.

Andrews was released in July 2011. Having been refused official anonymity, she has started a new life under the name Tia Carter. She is banned from travelling within 25 miles of her victim’s family without supervision.