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H. H. Holmes Murders & His Death

By that time, Holmes had begun work on his second castle on the Williams property. Later, he would con the caretaker of his Chicago castle, Pat Quinlan, into footing the bill there. In 1914 Quinlan committed suicide by ingesting strychnine, subsequently taking whatever horrors he had witnessed during his time working in the castle to his grave. His body was found along with a note that read, “I couldn’t sleep.” Meanwhile, Holme’s had taken his […]

H. H. Holmes & His Murder Castle

Have you ever seen American Horror Story Hotel? If so you may Remember the Main Character John March, This was based on Mr. H. H. Holmes of course. After Mr. Holmes (fake ass name) had con manned his way threw towns all over even been questioned for multiple different strange occurrences when people he’d interacted with end up dead. He still wasn’t done coning and killing not by far. The rest is as follows.. Holmes […]

H. H. Holmes Early Life

Holmes was born Herman Webster Mudgett in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, United States, on May 16, 1861, to Levi Horton Mudgett and Theodate Page Price, both of whom were descended from the first English immigrants in the area. Mudgett was his parents’ third-born child; he had an older sister Ellen, an older brother Arthur, a younger brother Henry and a younger sister Mary. Holmes’s father was from a farming family, and at times he worked as […]