The Ghosts of Bodmin Jail

Bodmin Jail is a historic former prison built by prisoners of war in Cornwall on the edge of the nearby moor. Currently, it is home to a museum similar to The London Dungeons for its gory displays of prisoners’ offenses and punishments. Before closing in 1927, the jail was the sight of a Naval prison, over 50 public executions, and, for a time during World War II, a cache of national treasures. Many ghosts have been spotted at this defunct prison, including a wandering spectral woman, gaunt faces peering from cells, and a woman who attempts to drag children away in a section of the old Lower Floor. Reportedly, the latter is the ghost of a woman who murdered her youngest son. The most malevolent ghost at Bodmin Prison calls the dank dungeon home and is known to place its cold hand upon visitors’ shoulders.