Legend has it that in the 1930s, Mary was having a lovely evening with her boyfriend at the Oh Henry Ballroom in Justice, Illinois when it was interrupted by a fight between the two. She stormed out and tried to walk home, but was hit and killed by a drunk driver on Archer Avenue. Ever since, several men have reported being stopped by a female hitchhiker in an old-timey white dress. She doesn’t say much, and she always asks to be let out near Resurrection Cemetery, where she disappears. She’s also been known to run out in front of cars and allegedly burn her handprints into the cemetery’s fence.


Posted by Carrie Hood

If you like true crime, murder mysteries, vanishing people, unsolved crimes, urban legends, ghost stories, and anything paranormal please follow because this is the site for you! Please submit any stories to me, Enjoy the scare :)

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