Campers Beamed Up By Aliens

We were camping around different area of the US, hitting 13 states. It wasn’t a trip with a firm itinerary, and we drove through Amish country in Indiana despairing that we wouldn’t find a campground as it was late in the day.

But in the middle of Amish country we found a lovely campground with a nice big pond for swimming. We were the ‘weirdos’ who do tent camping, and you had to drive down past this field to the tent camping area. There was a nice forested area and we had it to ourselves.

Here comes the really odd part. There was another occupied camp site down there, but it looked like the people had been beamed up by aliens. Food was left out, bottles of mustard, mayo, and plates were on and around the picnic table. The one tent was blown over but the other was still firmly staked.

We mentioned this to the campsite staff. They said “Oh that is the so-and-so’s spot.” He was supposed to be look after all the tent spots. They had no idea that he wasn’t there.

We wondered if someone was dead in the tents so we cautiously checked. No dead bodies just sleeping bags etc. So Aliens.

What are your thoughts?