Small Humanoid Creature

This happened about eight years ago when I was 21 and working as a camp counselor for Camp Tommy in Fishkill, NY. The place is basically a bunch of cabins in the woods on top of a mountain, each cabin a half-mile apart from the other, so you’re pretty isolated in the woods.

One night at about 1am I was sneaking off to meet my camp GF (you’re supposed to stay in your cabins after 10pm) as was usual, and was cutting through some woods to get her to cabin.

Suddenly I heard rustling in the woods, and stopped to investigate it. There are bears/other animals so I was expecting something like that. This three-foot-tall humanoid type thing suddenly jumps out of the bushes and looks at me. It’s too dark for me to make out any of its features, other than it was standing on two feet, had two arms, and basically looked just like a miniature person without any features (just looked solid black, if it had clothes on, I would have been able to notice that).

I was curious what it was so I started walking towards it and it spooked, bolting back into the woods. I’ll never forget how mechanical it looked as it took off running. It’s whole body basically shifted 90 degrees (like if someone was doing the robot dance) and it just took off. I have never seen anything on two legs run that quickly, so I was pretty confused about what it was. I’m a pretty fast runner and fit person in general, but this thing was on another level of fast.

As much as I try to make sense of it, I still to this day have no idea what it was. It was very human, but too short to be a human (three-feet-tall is about accurate) and I don’t know how a human could run that fast anyway. I have no idea but it’s always bugged me! Maybe one day I will go back to try and find this creature again!

What are your thoughts?