The abandoned Oakey Street Methodist Church, better known as Consolation Church, is found in Red Level, Alabama and is allegedly home to a wide array of other-worldly visitors. According to legend, the church was forced to close its doors long ago due to the loud crying, whimpering, and screaming of ghosts. Female spirits would descend upon churchgoers promising death.

The church is said to be a place where you can see hell hounds, banshees, and child ghosts. Confederate soldiers have also been reported marching near the church grounds. Ghost hunters claim to feel spirits touch them and experience random bursts of cold air, even in 100 degree weather. Some claim that, if you linger near the church too late, you’ll see a phantom 1964 black Ford truck operated by a ghost driver that will chase you off the grounds. Be careful, however. If the driver catches up to you, you’ll be likely to meet a terrible fate.

Posted by Carrie Dean

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