Located near Washington Square Park, No. 14 was home to many NYC big-wigs, including the wife of James Boorman Johnson, who founded the Metropolitan Underground Railroad. Twain, who only lived in the home for one year and died in Connecticut, is said to still haunt the home.

10 Locations with Violent Pasts that are Terrorized by Ghosts

The House of Death is aptly named, and is probably most well known for having been Mark Twain’s home for a time. Visitors to the house regularly report seeing his ghost, and by all accounts, it is far friendlier than some others spirits that reside in the House of Death. The property was also the site of the murder of a six-year-old girl at the hands of her adopted father. Her father struck her in the head for “staring at him,” and she later died from her injuries. In the 60’s poet Jan Bryant Bartell lived in the house and experienced her own paranormal encounters. She summoned a medium, who vocalized multiple spirits residing in the house. Bartell moved out, but killed herself only a few years later.

Despite its dark name, the House of Death may not be Manhattan’s most haunted house. Some say it’s the Merchant’s House Museum, where seven family members died in the home, their funerals held in the front parlor.


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